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A-Lyne Pilates is a dedicated Pilates teacher training center located in the heart of Paris, France. A-Lyne was established in 2006 by Martine Curtis. Soon after, she was joined by Kelly Moriarty and Greg Montean, two of the most respected names in Pilates and movement in France.


 Programs and Courses Offered

A-Lyne offers full formations on mat, reformer, trap table, chair, barrel ands small accessories. These are done by module and can therefore be done consecutively as a full certification that takes about 16 months, Or, can be tailored to the individual trainee’s schedule. However, modules need to be done the the order listed. Each summer we offer an intensive stand-alone mat certification. This was developed to accommodate our trainees who live outside of France and can’t easily travel to France for each mat module. This intensive, however, does require that the trainee fulfil the required observation and teaching hours at our center, return for review courses and testing. 


At the end of the mat certification, trainees will turn in their completed, signed logbooks before undergoing a test that involves teaching, personal practice, and a written anatomy test. The trainee then presents a case study that they have worked on over the course of the certification process. Provided the trainee passes all of these tests, they will receive a diploma from A-Lyne. This diploma does not guarantee membership in either the FPMP (French Pilates Federation) or the PMA. For membership in the FPMP and the ability to participate in the CQP test out, the trainee’s A-Lyne mat diploma will allow the participant to initiate that process. 

After reformer 3, the trainee will be tested both on teaching ability and personal practice. If he/she succeeds, they will receive an “attestation” showing that they have mastered all 3 levels on the reformer. 


At the end of the certification, after completing all of the modules, the trainee (after turning in his/her completed and signed logbook) is required to present another case study to the formation leaders, test out on a number of advanced exercises on all of the apparatus, and teach a “client” an advanced level class on all equipment. 


If the trainee passes this test, they will receive an A-Lyne diploma. Again, this does not guarantee membership in the PMA or in the FPMP. Nor does it guarantee employment. 


A-Lyne Pilates (the education center) is located at 19 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 in the Republique areas of Paris close to several transit lines. Our school is 180 square meters and consists of a ground floor and a sous-sol, 2 toilets (one handicapped), a shower, a trainee lounge area and an office. It is fully equipped with all of the traditional Pilates equipment: reformers, trap tables, chairs, ped-u-pole, barrels and small equipment. The studio is open between 8:30 and 21:00 every day except Sunday. Trainees are equipped with the door code and can come and go as they please. 


A-Lyne also has a small studio at 27 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 where many of our graduates bring their clients. The space is 60 square meters and is equipped with reformers, trap table, chairs, spine correctors, and small equipment. 

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