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If you find a Pilates studio in your area, make certain that the teachers are certified and have serious references. A good formation takes years, and you don’t  want a  teacher who has taken one of the quickie training courses that seem to be flourishing in France. Ask how many hours they have spent in certification, how long they have been teaching, and if their training included sufficient anatomy training. 


You can be assured that all of the teachers at the A-Lyne studio have been through the most rigorous certification that includes not only all of the classical Pilates exercises, but evolutions of those exercises as well as intensive anatomy courses. All of our teachers have their specialty, and they are trained to evaluate your particular issues and modify exercises for any injuries you might have. 


Listed below are our teachers who offer lessons in English. To take a private course with one of our teachers,

please contact them directly by email. 

The classes take place at:

Monday through Saturday

from 9:00 to 7:00pm

Nadège MacLeay

A choreographer for her own dance company with more than 20 original works to her credit, and dancer working with renowned contemporary choreographers of contrasting styles, Nadège MacLeay also received a university degree in Japanese language and civilization. She is a certified teacher of contemporary dance awarded the French Certificat d’Aptitude (C.A.) and the Diplôme d’Etat (D.E.). In 2013, she also became certified in Balanced Body Pilates by the A-Lyne studio in Paris. She now divides her time between teaching and artistic endeavors. 

As both artist and teacher, she has always worked toward the same goal, that of constantly enrich her profound understanding of how the body moves, and finding new and dynamic ways to share her knowledge.
Her classes encourage the development of a relaxed and centered body, and through heightening energy flow, a body that is intelligent and always ready to be set into motion. 

Orianne Campion

Pilates, Yoga & dance teacher


Pilates, Yoga and dance teacher

Trained in Florence, Italy as a dancer and choreographer, Orianne is passionate about the body and how it works. 


She received her Pilates certification at A-Lyne on the mat and apparatus (reformer level 4). She also certified in yoga Vinyasa yoga at the a Yoga  School of Johannesburg, and in  Liquid Flow and Yin Yoga. 

Elodie Scullino
Sophie Renaud

A former dancer with ten years of performance experience, Elodie has been a fitness coach both to individuals and at enterprises since 2011. She was certified to teach Pilates at A-lyne

She is also a certified trainer (2015) for éléctromyostimulation XBody France.

She has been working with ODYSSEA since 2013 in their work fighting breast cancer. 

She is passionate about movement and specializes in fitness and postural re-education – with a goal of improving daily movements no matter what age or physical limitation. She also works with athletes to improve their performance. 

Karine Dubois
Piera Formenti
Fabienne Bellarbre
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