It’s normal to have questions concerning Pilates in general and the certification Pilates specifically. We will try to answer the most common questions here. If your question isn’t answered, please submit your question by using the form at the bottom of this page. 


What are the obligatory modules?

The trainees follow 3-4 day workshops (longer for the mat intensive) for each level of mat and apparatus. These workshops are normally given Friday through Monday and include both the exercises and anatomy.

What if I have a medical problem and need to stop the program?

It’s possible to stop the program by presenting a medical certificate.

I am getting my brevet that permits me to teach Pilates in France (CQP ALS) and want the details of your certification program. Can you send me the a brochure with the various possibilities?

Where can I get all of my question answered about the certification?

We hold information sessions at our school almost every Tuesday afternoon. To participate in a session, it’s necessary to fill out the form below.

Do you offer teacher training in CoreAlign®, GYROKINESIS® et GYROTONIC® ?

While many of our teachers are qualified to teach these methods, we only offer certification in Pilates. You can find more information about lessons in these disciplines by going to our studio site.

Do the levels Mat 1, Mat 2, and Mat 3 correspond to beginning, intermediate, and advanced?

Yes, the numbers indicate the level. But keep in mind that even an athlete needs to start with level 1 as it’s necessary to learn the concepts and the basis for all of the levels.

Can the certification be reimbursed by the French organizations?

Yes, we many of our students apply for financing through Afdas, Pole Emploi, Fongecif, etc. Our school is an authorized formation center and is registered with “Datadocks.”

Is it possible to do the A-Lyne certification program from a distance?

Our candidates come from all corners of the world, and while some aspects of the program can be done at a distance, it is impossible to do the entire program from a distance.

Is there a time limit for passing the exams?

Yes, there is a time limit between when you start following the courses and when you pass the exams. During the A-Lyne certification, you have unlimited use of the apparatus. This can’t be extended indefinitely. For more clarification, please discuss this question with our staff.

I’m over 50 years old, with some pretty serious back problems. I’m looking at Pilates lessons as a therapeutic method. I don’t want to aggravate my problems. Should I take courses for seniors?

If you have serious problems , no matter what your age, it’s best to begin with private lessons. Some find that after they learn their limitations, they can participate in collective classes as well. No matter what your age and condition, we can design a program for you.

Is my deposit for the certification program reimbursable?

Once you have been accepted in to the program, your deposit is NOT reimbursable.

Should the administrative formalities be taken care of at the time of a course and with the teacher?

Please arrive a bit in advance to take care of these practical matters.

What type of certification does A-Lyne offer?

In the A-Lyne certification you will learn all of the classical exercises on the mat and all of the apparatus. You will also learn how to prepare your clients for those exercises and how to modify them for different populations.

What are the prerequisites for the formation?

-Candidates need a basic knowledge of Pilates and anatomy. Future trainees will be evaluated and given a non-graded test just to establish their level. -Individual lessons are obligatory: 10 individual lessons for the Mat certification and 15 for the complete certification. -A medical certificate

The different between the Mat certification and the complete certification is that the Mat training certifies you to teach only on the mat, while the complete certification prepares you to teach not only on the mat, but all of the apparatus as well.

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