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Greg Montean

Director of Research and Development

Greg Guillou Montean is a former Paris firefighter and an athletic coach with a second degree sports brevet. He has participated in the creation of training methods at the Army Center of Fontainebleau, and is a professor at the School of Chinese Performing Arts. Greg was certified in Pilates 13 years ago and certified as a teacher trainer 6 years ago. 


He is also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. 

Martine Curtis


A former dancer and health journalist, Martine Curtis is the co-founder of two Pilates studios in Paris and the founder of A-Lyne Pilates. Her experience with Pilates began in the 1970s with both classical and “evolved” Pilates with a focus on rehabilitation. She has done certifications in both styles of Pilates, as well as Pilates teacher training programs. 


She is the author of “Perfect Pilates,” the first Pilates book (published by Vigot-Maloine) to come out of France. She has also translated several of Blandine Calais-Germain’s anatomy books from French to English for Calais-Germain’s American publisher.

Kelly Moriarty

Formation Director

Kelly was trained in classical dance at the Rock School in Philadelphia, after which he danced with the corps of the Pennsylvania Ballet for 15 years. During this time he worked with many acclaimed international directors and choreographers. 


His Pilates certification began with Karen Carlson (Pineland Pilates) and was followed by a certification with Madeline Black (ITT Pilates). After 20 years of research and study of Pilates, he became a certifying instructor at A-Lyne Pilates. 


He is also certified in massage and GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. 

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